Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Turning Jeff Bridges' Seventh Son into a can't miss, Mega-Hit!

The first trailer is out for Warner Bros. January 2014 wide screen release of Seventh Son, which stars 6 time Academy Award nominated, and one time Oscar winning actor, Jeff Bridges.

The trailer teases at a medieval sword and sorcery tale that features Bridges as old but wise sage Master Gregory, assumedly enlisted to vanquish evil by tutoring a young apprentice.

The trailer speaks for itself, but suffice it to say, this is most definitely not a project I'd be betting my house, or a studio's budget on.

Take a look. What's your take?

But wait. I can play this Hollywood game with the best of them. There's a fix here to put at rest any trepidation anyone may feel about Seventh Son becoming the absolute biggest hit of 2014. And a sure path to banking a billion in home video downloads. And it's just so damn simple.

You simply take this guy...

And replace him with this guy...

There has never been a surer thing in Hollywood. I'd bet my house, my car and my sister's kids on it. And you very neatly already have actress Julianne Moore on board.

Imagine the Dude as an 18th century sorcerer guru. And the quest - to seek out the evil that stole the royal carpeting. You'd have to build a new bank to house all the excess cash. This is pure box-office gold.

"The Seventh Dude". I'd be the first in line for the IMAX 3D midnight preview. How about you?

Thanks to Warner Bros. and Polygram for trailers & art work.

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