Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Pacific Rim featurettes: The Jaegers (the robots).

With Guillermo del Toro's mega monster movie Pacific Rim hitting theaters on Friday, Moviedozer is continuing to present a short series of the director's best featurettes each day before its release.

Today's trailer focuses on the giant robots, called "Jaegers", that countries around the globe create as a last ditch defense against the monsters that have been ravaging the planet. In Pacific Rim's story, that effort is international in scope, resulting in robots that look different and utilize individualized defenses.

As with the variety of monsters attacking Earth, the robots sent into service to defend it show a creativity not often associated with big lizard monster movies. In what could have been a standard retread of an old idea, Pacific Rim instead shows surprising originality polished with first class, state-of-the-art tech.

Credit director del Toro with creating an original film that pays passionate homage to Japanese "Kaiju" (the Japanese word for "monster") movies in the same way that Quentin Tarantino pays homage to Chinese martial arts movies and spaghetti westerns.

If you're open to allowing yourself the joy of slipping back into your pre-teen past and relishing the fantasies you entertained while immersed in monster toys, comic books and old movies, you'll find yourself as engaged in Pacific Rim as the director appears to have been in making the movie. And isn't that feeling at the very core of what summer popcorn movies should be all about?

Here's a sneak peek at the Jaegers of Pacific Rim.

Thanks to Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures for trailers and poster art.

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