Friday, June 7, 2013

This Weekend: Crash the System.

There are two major wide releases opening this weekend. They've both appeared on Moviedozer before - The Internship (click here), little more than product placement as moviemaking 101, and The Purge (click here), a ridiculous premise that pretends to be substantive social commentary while being not much more than a test concept for its studio's Halloween theme park event.

This is clearly a weekend for movie fans to catch up on past releases, hit the Netflix queue or zone in on TCM for a refresher course in the classics.

It's also a weekend to ponder how so many bad movies get made. Lazy, gutless movie executives? Risk adverse public companies that just happen to be in a creative business? Path-of-least-resistance moviemaking? What's the deal?

One of the most infuriating questions in creative communities, "With so much amazing talent out there, how can bad scripts still get made into movies?" pulls focus to the darkest side of Hollywood - the gated, high-walled castle that throws unrepresented talent into the moat.

And of course the irony that the talent shunned by established producers and studios is potentially the talent that could be breaking the most exciting projects and trends in the business.

So this weekend Moviedozer will take its inspiration from The Internship's own poster campaign. It's an idea for the masses and perfect for this time of social connectivity - Crash the System.

If you're scrolling through your favorite movie app, searching for something to see this weekend, click out of the app and click open your email. Take a minute, or 5 or 10, and write to a studio. Write to a director, an actor, a producer. It doesn't have to be a complaint - instead pick one you respect. Give someone who calls the shots in the movie business a bit of audience feedback. Good or bad, it's up to you.

The point is that ticket sales aren't the only way to tell a studio what you think. Consider yourself recruited into a giant focus group and get your voice heard and your feelings known. If you don't get to make the movies, grab a chance to influence the movies that get made. Who knows what may follow.

If you want to start with the two movies opening today, here's some information. As for researching other email addresses and contact info, try Google (there's something poetic about that). The effort will surely be worth the pain you'll avoid by paying to see a bad movie.

The Internship:
Studio - Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp:,

Stars - Vince Vaughn: Creative Artists Agency,
Owen Wilson: United Talent Agency,,

Director/Producer - Shawn Levy: Company-21 Laps/Adelstein Productions. Agency-William Morris Endeavor:

The Purge:
Studio - Universal Pictures:

Stars - Ethan Hawke: Creative Artists Agency,
Lena Headey: Troika,,, Creative Artists Agency,

Director - James DeMonaco: United Talent Agency,,

Producers - Michael Bay: Companies-Platinum Dunes, Bay Films. Agency-William Morris Endeavor,
Jason Blum: Blumhouse Productions.
Andrew Form: Platinum Dunes. Agency-William Morris Endeavor,
Bradley Fuller: Platinum Dunes. Agency-William Morris Endeavor,
Sebastian Lemercier: Why Not Productions,,

Of course, don't leave Moviedozer off your list. The comment link below is always open. And here's hoping for at least a touch of creative excellence in the movies headed our way in the weekends ahead.

Thanks to Universal and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. for poster art.

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