Friday, June 14, 2013

Forget Zod, today Superman is going up against a Hogwarts wizard.

The long awaited reboot of Superman as the Man of Steel has come and the fiercest foe Clark Kent is facing may not be the one in his own movie.

This weekend Superman squares off against a real wizard. A top-of-the-class Gryffindor (as in Harry Potter) wizard. Emma Watson, who played Harry's compatriot Hermione Granger through eight movies, appears in not one but two competing films which should, at the least, convince teen females to break their dates and hang with their girlfriends this weekend.

Not that I'm expecting The Bling Ring to be krypton to Man of Steel's chances for a number one weekend, but its director, Sophia Coppola, has established serious credibility coming into her 5th film as a director.

That cred includes a real movie superhero, the man of gold called Oscar. With a 2004 win for her screenplay of Lost In Translation, which also earned her nominations for Best Picture and Best Director, Sophia Coppola is well on her way to building a serious director's résumé. This time out, the film is also as topical as a celebrity tweet with its true-story retelling of a group of LA friends who decide it might be a kick to break-in to the homes of a few of their favorite celebs.

And if the girls can't convince their dates to skip Superman for a girls-gone-rogue romp, they may be able to sway them past Man of Steel and into a theater showing how some real life moviestars might handle the end of the world in This is the End. Really.

It's not much more than an extended internet video bit in concept, but then along comes Emma Watson wielding an ax and all comedy breaks loose. If for nothing more than being in on the first weekend of seeing Ms. Watson threatening Jonah Hill and James Franco with apocalyptic dismemberment, This is the End may well be a solid reason for saving Man of Steel for a future online rental queue.

Though I'm not convinced Man of Steel will be the Superman I was waiting and hoping for (click here), I'm convinced that it will have a more than respectable weekend by both scoring a number one at the box-office and spawning the sequel films with these budgets are desperate for.

But as for a pick - I've got to go with watching Emma Watson, all grown up and carrying an ax.

The trailers for all three new releases are below. Make your own pick and get out to the movies this weekend.

And for all of you Dads - Happy Father's Day.

The Moviedozer pick: This is the End.

Man of Steel:

The Bling Ring:

Thanks to Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and A24 for trailers and poster art.

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