Monday, May 6, 2013

The Art of the Trailer: The Painting.

Trailers are marketing. The art of a trailer can sometimes simply mean the art of the sell. How effective is the 2½ or so minutes of well edited preview at pulling in money across a box-office counter and dropping ticket holders into theater seats? Some theater owners might even suggest a trailer's potency be, at least in part, measured in tubs of popcorn.

I'd offer no argument with any of that. Hype sells seats. Moviedozer came about to help assess the promise vs. the delivered goods. When the sell matches what's being sold, ticket buyers are happy, studios make money and the industry thrives.

But sometimes the "art" of the trailer is more than promotion. Sometimes it's a tool for unveiling a small film that is difficult to find. A film that has limited distribution, small marketing allowances and a heavy reliance on "art house" critics and festival screenings, that can occupy years of effort before breaking to wider audiences. Sometimes a trailer is discovery.

The trailer below is how I discovered The Painting. The Painting (known at U.S. festivals as Le tableau), had its American premiere performance at The New York Children's Film Festival more than a year ago. Since, it has only been seen at film festivals, but if you are lucky enough to be living in Manhattan, you can catch a screening between May 10th and May 16th at the theaters listed here.

I've been completely captivated by the trailer and a few clips and can't recall having seen hand drawn animation more enchanting since screening the Oscar nominees for animated shorts this past January.

I hope you enjoy the trailer. I urge you to seek out a screening if you happen to be strolling the sidewalks of New York, particularly if you have young, impressionable minds in tow. And I hope this will be a title you'll remember as it ultimately makes its way to home video.

The Painting was produced in 2011 at BE-Films in Belgium by writer/director Jean-François  Laguionie and writer Anik Leray. It is distributed in the U.S. by Gkids in New York.

Special thanks to Gkids for access to the trailer and poster art.

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