Friday, April 19, 2013

This weekend go IMAX big with Oblivion.

When Moviedozer picked the best bets for each month of 2013, Oblivion landed on top of April without much contest. (2013: the best movie bets from January thru June.) Not that I think it will be one of the best of the year, but I do think it's a fun start. And that's why you should see it in IMAX.

When it comes to fun, big fun is better. Oblivion is just in time to set the stage for a May that will rock big screens with both Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness, both surely to be in the top 5 movies of the summer, if not the year. And those tallies will be racking up world wide so what better way to get ready than the season's first big-screen sic-fi adventure? Add in Tom Cruise, who, no matter the negatives, can still deliver a sense of fun on a movie screen like few others.

I've been hooked by the anticipation of Joseph Kosinski's sets, lights and vision ever since being dazzled (and more dazzled with repeated viewings) of his first project, 2010's Tron: Legacy, and an IMAX screen is the perfect place to find out if the anticipation pays off. Oblivion was shot on 4K and 5K cameras which means it's source prints were ultra high definition. With IMAX's exclusive digital processing, that means extra clarity on screen. The playback won't be using high frame rate technology or 3D, so don't worry about being put off by video-like images, and no  dark glasses for this one.

I've added a trailer below for the fun of it and you can catch three of Oblivion's featurettes from a post on Monday right here. Oblivion has the weekend pretty much to itself in terms of new releases, so buy a ticket, have fun and celebrate the season of big summer popcorn movies just ahead. (Moviedozer also featured Oblivion's very first trailer back in December. Take a look.)

Thanks to Universal Pictures for trailers, posters and pics.

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