Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Catching up: a five pack of new summer trailers.

Time to do a little catching up with new movie releases by showcasing five brand new summer trailers. With this weekend kicking off high budget sci-fi action with Universal's Oblivion, there's no shortage of studios looking to compete by making an impact with their biggest titles of this year's blockbuster season.

Since I know you'll just skip right to the trailers anyway, so will I.

Star Trek: Into Darkness. (May 17th from Universal. Directed by J.J. Abrams.)
First up, in order of release is a sequel to a reboot. And one of the year's most promising, and likely profitable, movies. The newest trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness gives more of a hint at the story than ever before.

The trailer was released just yesterday as an Apple Movie Trailers exclusive so it was tough to find a copy not slammed with ads. The copy below was the least offensive available. (As a reminder, Moviedozer will never add advertising to any of the videos presented on the site.) Here's one of the last glimpses you get of the new Star Trek before it lands in theaters and on IMAX screens next month.

The Hangover, part III. (May 24th from Warner Brothers. Directed by Todd Phillips.)

This is the third (and promised as last) in the Hangover franchise and as things look to have gotten very predictable, that's probably a good thing. But there are still laughs here. At this point in a comedy franchise, it's critical that everyone who's back on camera looks to be having fun just working together again. They do.

Hopefully it's enough for fans to feel they've come along for a great ride rather than feeling they've been ridden for one last trip to the studio bank. The first Hangover, from 2009, was one of the biggest breakout comedies in contemporary movie history and made stars of most of its cast. Here's a glimpse of the end of the story.

Now You See Me. (May 31st from Summit Entertainment. Directed by Louis Leterrier.)

They say magicians never give away their secrets and it looks like Now You See Me is holding its secrets for opening weekend. I'm calling Now You See Me the most intriguing movie of the summer. Maybe it's marketing slight of hand, but every glimpse I've seen of this movie so far looks like top notch production and cast working off of a great script (from writers Ed Solomon, Boaz Yakin and Edward Ricort).

Perhaps more telling are the producer credits. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are the power house team that have been swelling studio bank accounts by getting their hands into film franchises like Mission Impossible, Transformers and Star Trek, and television properties like Fringe and Hawaii Five-0. With three more titles in production and some fifteen listed in development, you'll be "seeing" them for lots of years to come.

Elysium. (August 9th from Sony/TriStar. Directed by Neill Blomkamp.)

Neill Blomkamp took his first project as a movie director and turned out the alien sci-fi hit District 9 (2009) along with $211 million in receipts on a $30 million production budget. That means two things in Hollywood, another project and a bigger budget next time out. The result is Elysium.

Oh yeah, when you make all of that money, the next time out you get to have stars in your cast as well. In this case, that buys you the services of Matt Damon and Jodi Foster.

The budget is evident in the trailer with elaborate sets and effects. And there's a familiar nod to District 9 with the look and feel of the world the regular folk are forced to live in. Perhaps the plot echoes the Directors own interest in moving up the ladder a few rungs.

In any case, Elysium is just starting to crank up its marketing campaign so they'll be more to see before its August release.

Kick-Ass 2. (August 16th from Universal. Directed by Jeff Wadlow.)

Unusual for a sequel to a surprise hit, Kick-Ass 2 hits the screen in August with a new director and new writers from the 2010 original. What is consistent is that the writers of the comic book, John S. Romita, Jr and Mark Millar, which served as the original source material, are on hand here to keep things on track.

The cast also returns intact from the earlier hit with one noteworthy exception. The surprise of seeing Nicolas Cage masked as Big Daddy is replaced with... well, if you don't know yet I'll leave it as another surprise - at least until the end of the trailer. (That's him below in the camos.)

For me, the real fun will be seeing Chloƫ Grace Moretz reprising her break-the-rules breakout performance as Hit Girl from the original three years ago. Moretz is a star actor and her career looks to have strong potential for delivering on the promise she reenforces with each new project.

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