Monday, March 25, 2013

Great new poster designs for three May movies.

In the world of movie marketing, posters aren't just wallpaper for theater lobbies. They have become fixtures of online internet marketing, background art for movie websites and, in their best form, become graphic fingerprints for the tone and character of their respective movies. And, as readers of Moviedozer know, they can be potent pieces of popular artwork in their own right.

Occasionally, I discover that a current crop of great posters are designed by the same studio. That's the case today with new posters promoting a string of promising movies all scheduled for May releases and all designed by BLT Communications, LLC. One of which has become my new favorite for a superhero movie.

Now You See Me   (right) A Summit Entertainment release scheduled for May 31st.

Now You See Me might be the most original popcorn movie you see this season. The movie boasts both an impressive ensemble cast and producer credits by the action/adventure heavyweight team of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (who also serve as writer/producers on Star Trek: Into Darkness featured below). It also boasts a very cool new poster.

Instead of a cast glamor shot, the actors are shown in full figure looking up with serious faces, perhaps as if casing out security cameras. Striding through a slight-of-hand title graphic where some characters appear on and some appear under the surface of the poster. The trick makes you look twice,  giving the cast an air of having something up their sleeves  - which is exactly why we're curious to see just what that might be. The double take you may have done takes you right to the lesson in the tagline: "The closer you look, the less you'll see."

Star Trek: Into Darkness    A Paramount release scheduled for May 17th.

If this weren't a famous franchise, you can easily imagine this might be the poster for an action crime movie. But for the debris field the obvious villain is walking through, the tone is clearly future terrorism and the choice of depicting the three heroes as a bit beaten up and scanning their surroundings, weapons drawn, emphasizes the peril they are facing.

By forgoing a more futuristic setting and taking away the starships and laser cannons, the odds seem more dire for the good guys and the story about to unfold takes on a far more personal feeling, an unusual take for a mega-budget summer sci-fi outing. Bold and effective, the designer's confidence in the basic elements of the story carry the day.

Iron Man 3   Coming from Marvel Studios on May 3rd.

The latest series of posters for Iron Man 3 have focused on character. Nothing unusual there as this is when a movie about 5 weeks away from theaters starts narrowing in on its cast. When not done well, the posters feel more like ego stroking or contract fulfillment. When done well, it's a glimpse into character and plot hints.

When done as well as the poster above, the art can tell a story without words. Once again, the choice is to focus in on a personal story rather than big budget effects, leaving the scale of the battle far in the background.

The sum of the peril of the entire story shows clearly on the faces of its heroes. It helps when those faces belong to Robert Downy Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. Downey in particular looks out of breath, exhausted, vigilante, determined and unbeatable - all at once.

Everything about this image works to increase expectations for the movie's release, from the expressions to the body language to the color palette. If you're thinking about seeing Iron Man 3, this is art that will cement that idea in your head and have you circling the release date on your calendar. It's a great example of movie poster marketing and a new favorite at Moviedozer.

Does poster art impact your decision to see a movie? Where do you find yourself most commonly exposed to the posters for upcoming releases? Have you ever purchased a movie poster as artwork for your home? More than just marketing, Moviedozer will continue to spotlight great movie posters. Let us know if you've seen something you think is special and we'll feature it in a column.

The art of the poster by BLT Communications, LLC. Thanks for adding to our expectations for these three May movies.

Thanks too to the studios. Marvel Studios/Disney, Paramount Pictures and Summit Entertainment.


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