Friday, February 8, 2013

What are you still planning to see before Oscar night?

With just 15 days before Oscar night, how many of the 9 nominated movies for Best Picture do you still have on your "to see" list?

Even diehard movie fans have a tough time catching every nominated film before the gold statues get handed out. But perhaps the films that catch both Oscar watchers and movie fans unaware, are the nominated shorts. Unless you live in a big city, or near a town where there's a local cinema that recognizes the value of showcasing independent films, trying to catch a screening of Oscar nominated shorts is akin to a scavenger hunt.

There is a way, but you'll have to search to see if there's a theater at least close enough not to fall off your maps app.

ShortsHD presents cinema screenings of the Oscar nominated shorts as three films, representing each of the three Oscar shorts categories: Live Action, Animated and Documentary.

As these films are often undiscovered gems to the casual moviegoer, Moviedozer will be posting the trailers for as many of the nominated shorts as we can finding lurking about in the far reaches of the internet. Not unlike subtitled films, or small independent releases, short films, in all three categories, can surprise and delight. As the Oscar nominated films in these categories, the titles here stand among the best of the best, and I'm certain you'll find at least a few among them that will be worth seeking out.

So get to things started, here is the trailer for the series, as presented by Shorts HD, as well as this link to get more information from their website. And if you can't find a local screening, I hope you'll enjoy checking back to see the trailers here as the countdown to the Oscars continues.


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