Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Feeling the need for speed in 3D.

If every time you hear "You've lost that loving feeling", instead of the Righteous Brothers 1964 hit record, you picture Tom Cruise in the dress whites of a Naval flyer, standing in a bar with his cohorts serenading Kelly McGillis, you need to check your weekend calendar.

IMAX is about to clear Top Gun for takeoff on a 6 day limited mission in 3D. Goose and Maverick will be thundering across the big screens beginning Friday, in IMAX 3D for the very first time in the film's history.

Originally released by Paramount in May of 1986, the film became a sensation as well as a hit record machine, scoring an Oscar win for best Original Song with "Take My Breath Away"(the #1 hit by Berlin), and a #2 hit for Kenny Loggins with "Danger Zone". Both songs were written by Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock.

Joining Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis were Anthony Edwards as Goose, Val Kilmer as Iceman, Tom Skerritt as Viper, Tim Robbins as Merlin and Meg Ryan as Carole.

Just to get the jets warmed up, here's the special release trailer and the poster art. If you're a fan, you've only got one weekend to fly into the danger zone. Don't blow it.

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