Monday, February 18, 2013

The Oscar Nominated Shorts: Live Action.

With the Oscars just a week away, the days are counting down for you to catch any nominated movie or performance you're still curious about. But whatever may still be on your list, on Oscar night the most likely films to fall under the "haven't seen it yet" category are the shorts.

Moviedozer gave you a glimpse of Disney's animated short, Paperman, a few posts back and there will be more animated shorts featured in the days ahead. Today the spotlight is on all five of the nominations for Best Live Action short.

To give you an inside glimpse of each, along with some background on the films, the five (appropriately) short trailers below are hosted by the filmmakers themselves. They also give just a hint of what it felt like when they heard that their films were nominated.

In no particular order, here are the five Live Action Short nominees.


Death of a Shadow (Dood van ten Schaduw).



Buzkahshi Boys.

I hope getting a taste of these harder to see nominees will give you a bit more of a rooting interest come Oscar night. And perhaps a greater appreciation for both the art of the short film and the creative talents of their filmmakers.

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