Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Oscar Nominated Shorts: Documentary Short Subject.

As Sunday night's Oscar telecast approaches, it's just about now that all of the really important business is at hand. If you were nominated, it's likely driving your personal assistant, your manager and your agent crazy. If you're a fan, it's laying in some snacks and printing the ballots for the friends coming over.

And if you are a documentary filmmaker, just having had your documentary short nominated, a large part of your week is likely filled with welcoming family to town and pinching yourself.

This column is dedicated to those documentary filmmakers who are indeed nominated for a 2013 Oscar. Documentaries are one of the less heralded forms of filmmaking outside of its own, close knit community. It is also a genre of film that can be as inspiring and as enlightening as it is entertaining. And since the advent of Michael Moore's 1989 debut Roger and Me, and subsequent breakthrough Bowling for Columbine in 2002, studios have learned that documentaries can tempt big box-office from modest budgets.

That potential for a documentary filmmaker certainly opens a bit wider with an Oscar nomination.

Moviedozer is once again proud to offer a glimpse at 5 Oscar nominated shorts in the Documentary Short Subject category, along with glimpses of their filmmakers offering both some background on their films and a little of what it was like to hear that their work has been nominated for an Oscar.

Here, in no particular order, are the five nominees.

Kings Point



Mondays at Racine

Open Heart

Drop in on us again this Friday, for a closer look at the Animated Shorts nominated for 2013 Oscars and a special full length look at one of the five animated nominees.

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