Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Art of the Poster: Bracing for Blockbusters with Oblivion and Iron Man 3.

Two movies, two shots at box-office glory this summer.

One's a sure thing and one is surely interesting. Tom Cruise's return to Sci-fi in Oblivion, guided by the direction of Tron Legacy's Joseph Kosinski, hits US theaters on April 19th and Disney's Marvel mega-releases continue with Iron Man 3 on May 3rd. Leaving just enough time in between for Oblivion to try to avoid the fate of its own title.

As releases approach, poster art begins to reveal more character and plot tone. For Oblivion it's a serious and concerned looking Cruise appearing somewhat roughed-up but well-armed, along with a badly battered (is it Brooklyn?) bridge.

For Iron Man 3, plot reveals are hinted at in three evocative and dramatic character posters. The last in a gorgeous hybrid of Hollywood one-sheet meets comic cover shot of Iron Man himself, down, but most definitely not out.

Like the movies themselves, the poster art matches my expectations. Disney and Marvel seem to know exactly what cards their holding in marketing their halo franchise, while Universal may not be quite sure what part of their movie to emphasize, their cast of characters (Cruise and Morgan Freeman) or the character of their story (a sic-fi battered planet Earth and its secrets).

The sure thing, Iron Man 3 promises to build on a seemingly unstoppable momentum. For Oblivion, its about promoting a promise that may be too intriguing to pass by. For movie fans, it's all about cineplex movie screens lighting up a blockbuster season looking to fill your spring and summer nights with popcorn and ticket sales.

What could be better? As always, click any poster to see the full gallery for today's post.

Access to poster art is from our favorite source, Thanks as always to the represented studios.

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