Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Trailers!

Possibly the only crowd of people more excited than football fans on Super Bowl Sunday are marketing executives. (The people from CBS who sold the marketing are long finished counting the cash and have moved on to the champagne and 50 yr. old Macallan.)

For movie execs however, Super Bowl Sunday is a kick off of another sort. The start of the final drive of hype toward a bid at dominating the spring and summer box-office season. It's a lock that any studio ponying up the cash to buy Super Bowl ad time is fairly certain that they're already sitting on a movie destined for serious box-office.

Here are last night's top five trailers. I'm only surprised by one and I'll save it for the end. I'll start the way things started last night, with Disney taking over the pregame show by placing The Lone Ranger graphics on every piece of set real estate they could commandeer.

Disney didn't wait long to strike again. Early in the first quarter, the studio unveiled some unseen footage in a new trailer for its foray into OZ the Great and Powerful. The trailer's short, but still great and powerful. What kid isn't going to want to travel by bubble after seeing this?

With some 7 minutes or so left in the second quarter, the Baltimore Ravens were firmly in control of the game and while Beyoncé was likely just getting ready to be tucked in under the rolling stage rig, Paramount let loose a brand new look at Star Trek: Into the Darkness.

For the rest of history, what happened next in the Super Bowl XLVII will be forever remembered. No, not Beyonce's musical performance, not the record-tying 2nd half opening kickoff return for a Raven's touchdown, but a 35 minute blackout of half of the New Orleans Superdome's lighting. Not to worry - just more reason to watch the ads.

And it was Iron Man 3 who got the advantage of fans everywhere glued to the screen to see what the heck was going on. If you thought the lights going out was a problem, try chasing down a crashing Air Force One...

I should mention that back in the first quarter, in fact directly after Alicia Keys' long and odd take on the National Anthem that may have driven some into buffet raids, Paramount ran a trailer for World War Z that was only a reedit of the trailer Moviedozer posted back in November, which you can see by clicking back to that column here.

But what was new in the first quarter was this trailer for the return of Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious 6. It surprised me the way I'm betting it surprises box-office numbers on its May 24th, Memorial Day weekend release.

The football's over. Let blockbuster season begin. And keep an eye on it all at Moviedozer.

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