Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oscar Nominated Shorts: Paperman

As promised, here's the first of the trailers I'll be highlighting from this year's Oscar nominated shorts.

Paperman has a breezy, light animation style with a classic story, told in soft contrast black & white, that matches its simple, romantic storyline.

Paperman falls into the Animated Shorts category, perhaps the most popular of the three categories honored. And, not surprisingly, this short is a product of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar/Disney creative chief John Lasseter.

Disney has also released featurettes that give an interesting glimpse into the creative process. I've included two of those here that feature the film's director John Kahrs. Writers for Paperman are Clio Chiang and  Kendelle Hoyer with music by Christophe Beck. The producer is Kristina Reed, with Mr. Lasseter listed as Executive Producer.

And the trailer:

Watch for more nominated shorts trailers in the coming days at Moviedozer.

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