Monday, January 28, 2013

The Great and Powerful marketing continues with new poster art from Oz.

As its March 8th release date draws near, Disney has released brand new poster art for Oz, The Great and Powerful showcasing its four leading characters.

Great costume reveals, more great backgrounds, and admit it, don't ya want a baby flying monkey bat for a pet? If Disney makes a toy out of that thing, I'd be first in line. Everything still points to Oz scoring a great and powerful opening weekend and the movie is still solidly in my picks as one of the top three grossers of blockbuster season.

In what may be the most artistic poster marketing campaign of all the blockbusters waiting to storm theaters this spring and summer, here's the latest from OZ. Click on any poster to go to the gallery.

 Poster design by BLT Communications, LLC. Posters curtesy of Walt Disney Studios.

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