Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oscar noms tomorrow, AM. Be there or sleep.

There are very few things in this world that are scheduled for 5:30 in the morning that I pay any attention to. In fact, that I'm even aware may have happened. Regardless of what time zone I find myself in, I really like to be sleeping at 5:30 AM.

If I was an actor and, after a presumably really good year, there was talk of getting nominated for an Academy Award, part of my agent's commission would be earned by getting up at 5:30 tomorrow morning to find out if he or she needed to wake me and take me to lunch, say around 11:30, to let me know I had just gotten an Oscar nomination.

We all have to have a priorities list. I find sleep, particularly in the AM, rather high on mine.

This post is my effort to share my pain as I set my alarm tonight, so that I might be conscious enough to absorb just who the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (and early risers) nominates for one of their precious gold statuettes. As I'm on the east coast, I'll be gulping coffee to one of the morning network shows at 8:30. If I really had to be up at 5:30, I'd likely hit the snooze and start writing a blog about baseball next week. (Yo Ho, Yo Ho, the writer's life for me.)

So wherever you might find yourself tomorrow morning, go ahead and go to work on time, sleep in if you can or simply go about your daily affairs and irresponsibly put the burden of reporting this once a year golden moment to me.

I may not bleed for my art, but for you, my readers, I'll roll out from under my down-filled covers, punch my coffee maker as if it were a broken vending machine and muster as much attention as my sleep deprived brain can summon, so that sometime tomorrow, whenever the heck you feel like it, you can simply pop onto Moviedozer and see who got nominated.

And if you do, there's a special bonus. As soon as the list is up, I'll tell you who's going to win. Since predictions are all relatively silly anyway, why wait to make them?

I think I'll go take a nap.

Thank you to ABC and the Academy Awards for use of the Oscar graphics. Watch the Oscars Awards telecast on ABC on February 24th.

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