Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Lone Ranger has a new trailer!

It's Tuesday and just because I can find no other reason other than the fact that today was the day that Disney Studios picked, it being Tuesday is enough for me to add a special bonus to our posts today.

There are a few of those blockbusters I mention on these pages that I'm truly looking forward to next summer. One of them is The Lone Ranger.

Starring Johnny Depp and Armi Hammer and directed by long time Depp collaborator, Gore Verbinski, The Lone Ranger promises to be a thrill ride that mixes Butch and Sundance with a touch of Roy Rogers for good measure.

It looks like perfect summer blockbuster material and to prove my point, Disney's new feature trailer was released in the wee hours this morning.

Decide for yourself - is this one of 2013's top 3 summer hits? The Lone Ranger had a reported 250 million dollar budget and is scheduled for a fourth of July weekend release. Saddle up. And happy Tuesday.

Thanks to Disney Studios and Apple Trailers.

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