Monday, December 17, 2012

The Hobbit's journey sets off with a golden ring.

There must have been a lot of you who were as curious as Bilbo Baggins to go off on a weekend journey. Peter Jackson's first Hobbit adventure, The Hobbit, An Unintended Journey had a decidedly golden beginning.

According to box-office website, the new film set records for largest single day North American box-office in December with $37.5 million and the largest 3-day weekend in December at $84.8 million (pushing Will Smith's I Am Legend to second place at $77.2).

In addition to those domestic numbers, The Hobbit also took in $138 million in international markets to make for the most successful opening of any of Peter Jackson's previous Tolkien films.

Even allowing for increased ticket pricing for 3D and Imax screenings, the numbers are more than impressive. In the coming weeks we'll be watching for word-of-mouth effect on sales and repeat customers.

And of course, the "experiment" of HFR or 48 frames/second screenings is now well underway. Though some critics have been harsh regarding the high frame rate perception of hyper-reality diminishing the fantasy qualities of the film, fans seem more accepting of the new technology. We'll give our own impressions of HFR in a future post.

Drop back later today for our feature post, The Art of the Trailer: Pacific Rim.

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