Friday, December 14, 2012

The Hobbit Production Diaries, Pt. 9

Just when you thought it was over, they pull you into post.

The world of movie making isn't all makeup, wardrobe, big stars and bright lights. After the last day of principal photography comes the first day of post production. Well, at least officially. There's actually been tons of work going on outside of the sound stages and far away from the location shoots. And all of that ratchets up in intensity when the actors go home.

Welcome to the last segment of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit production diaries. The director opens the doors to the post production suites and offices at The Hobbit's production facilities at Stone Street Studios in New Zealand to give you a look at the immense amount of work to be completed between the end of filming and premiere night. And it may surprise some, just how little time is allowed to get a completed film to its premiere.

The pace is frenetic, the work is precise and challenging and the array of expertise aligned toward the goal of completing a project of this magnitude, is at the very least, daunting. Magnify the challenges with a 3D release, a 3D Imax release and a Imax release in "HFR" or High Frame Rate, the new technology Peter Jackson is using to allow the film, shot at 48 frames per second, twice the normal rate, to be shown in selected theaters at that same increased speed. All in all, you can understand that post production people don't get a lot of time off during the final weeks and months of a production cycle.

I hope you've thoroughly enjoyed the journey through each of the nine segments of these diaries. Regardless of the box-office success of a movie, or of critical response, behind-the-scenes production glimpses like these have enormous value for students of film and interested fans alike. I'm grateful to Peter Jackson and Warner Brothers for making them available so readily. I hope you agree with me, that they are also tremendously entertaining in their own right.

Thanks for following along on the pages of Moviedozer for the last nine days. If you venture out this opening weekend to see The Hobbit, An Unintended Journey, feel free to stop back and give us your opinions.

Here now is the final installment. Enjoy.

Wait, there's a Bonus!

Here's the video Peter mentioned. A look at the premiere of The Hobbit, An Unintended Journey in Wellington, New Zealand. Quite a production in itself.

Thanks again for watching. There's always more ahead on Moviedozer. Have a great weekend and drop back in to see us on Monday.

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