Friday, December 7, 2012

The Hobbit Production Diaries, Part 2

Today we're off on the second day of our Hobbit journey and part two of Peter Jackson's production diaries chronicling the pre-production, production and post-production of his movie adaptation of The Hobbit. If you're not quite sure how those three phases of getting a movie made differ, no worries. Mr. Jackson will be giving you a guided tour throughout this series.

Here are some points of interest in today's post to take note of along the way. Yes, that's Andy Serkis, the motion capture expert and the man who brings life into the character of Gollum, directing 2nd Unit sequences for the new films. Think scouting locations are just a trivial part of planning? For The Hobbit, scouting the rivers and mountains of New Zealand required five helicopters and planning befit a battlefield general. And in case you think Directors are overpaid, take a listen to how Peter Jackson will be spending his time while just about everyone else in Cast and Crew will be taking a break between "shooting blocks".

I've also taken this opportunity to present different poster art from the marketing campaign in each one of these posts. You can see the posters full size simply by clicking on them.

I hope you'll enjoy part two and that you'll join us each day through The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey's American release on December 14th.

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