Monday, December 3, 2012

Star Trek journeys Into Darkness... and the Batman marketing playbook.

The first poster for the much anticipated followup to 2009's J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek was released today. And it seems there's more evident than a touch of familiarity to the first film or its legendary television heritage. There's also not a star ship or crew member to be found.

What there is, is an undeniable hint at the villain based thrills that await through a rather obvious nod to the original teaser posted for this past summer's The Dark Knight Rises. A case, as it were, of logo building through building destruction.

The Dark Knight Rises centered on a brutal and violent criminal in the form of Bane, played for big points by a terrifyingly sadistic Tom Hardy. Star Trek, Into Darkness casts Benedict Cumberbatch (everyone's favorite current TV Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series Sherlock), playing Captain Kirk's  foe, rumored to be the franchise's quintessential bad guy, the villainously vengeful, Kahn.

Is the teaser design homage to the Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy or is it simply Paramount's marketing department using what works? Let us know what you think with a comment below.

In any case, the big dog battle that kicks off the summer blockbuster season is set. Are you more anxious to see Robert Downey Jr get back into the metal suit as Iron Man 3 (on May 3rd), or are you feeling anxious to punch your ticket and go where every Star Trek fan has gone before, back into Starfleet with perhaps the best movie crew ever assembled to lead the way?

Star Trek Into Darkness returns Director/Producer J.J. Abrams to the helm, directing the same cast that so nailed the first film back to its original television cast roots, including Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, as Kirk and Spock respectively, Zoe Saldana (Uhura), Karl Urban (Bones), Simon Pegg (Scotty) and Anton Yelchin (Chekov). Scheduled release is May 17th from Paramount Pictures.

The Dark Knight Rises teaser poster designed by Ignition Print. Into Darkness teaser design unknown. 

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