Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oblivion has a trailer. Here's your first look at Tom Cruise as Jack Harper.

You got your first look at the poster art yesterday. This morning, here's your first look at the just released teaser trailer for Universal's Oblivion.

The first film directed by Joseph Kosinski since 2010's Tron Legacy, Oblivion stars Cruise as a court-martialed soldier working as a drone repair man on a post-war ravaged and evacuated planet Earth. The film also stars Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko and Melissa Leo.

Cruise is still sporting his Jack Reacher, less boyish, tough guy look. Surrounded by the trappings of reported 140 million dollar budget, I like seeing Cruise back in a full out sic-fi setting. But then again, I thought Wall•e looked amazing wandering a desolated planet Earth, and that remains the only Pixar film I still can't forgive. If in the next trailer Cruise starts playing songs from Hello Dolly on an old iPod, all bets are off.

Oblivion will debut in Imax theaters for an exclusive Imax only 1 week run on April 12, followed by wide release on April 19th.

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