Monday, November 12, 2012

Need a new TV? Go Big. Go Bold. Go Bond.

With an opening box-office take a brush under 90 million stateside and triple that internationally, 007 has certainly proven he can still sell movie tickets. And if you're a Bond fan, you know you want the champagne, the cars and the women.

You can probably tap a credit card and pick up a nice bottle of bubbly, though running across a vintage Aston Martin DB5 may be a bit more of a secret agent challenge. As for the women, well we've run across a toy that couldn't help but impress the ladies. Or the next store neighbors for that matter.

If you've got a nice outdoor space, say over by the pool cabana, here's just the thing for some outdoor entertainment. And if you happen to install one of these, you can help answer a question we posed here some time ago... just what kind of wine does go well with buttered popcorn?

There may be another Bond tie-in here as well. Although price isn't mentioned in the video, we have a sneaking suspicion that the C'Seed people may also have a license to kill - your bank account.

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