Thursday, November 29, 2012

Life of Pi & a pretty convincing argument for 3D.

One of my favorite things about the proliferation of movie trailers on the internet is that so many studios are releasing production diaries and interview clips as part of their online marketing campaigns.

Previously only available as extras on DVD releases, these behind the scenes snippets and on camera comments from filmmakers are now readily available without purchasing a thing. By glimpsing a portion of what the key creative contributors saw from the inception of the project through its release, you can go along for the free ride and gain a bit of insight on the journey.

Life of Pi is a fascinating and curious film to look at this way. A quiet novel that earned global best seller attention, but was widely deemed an impossible task for cinema. The movie not only got made, but made by an Oscar winning director. And in 3D.

This video features both Ang Lee and James Cameron, who's 3D camera systems were used in filming, offering a very solid argument for seeing Life of Pi in 3 dimensions.

After you watch the video, let us know if you donned 3D shades to see the film.

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