Friday, November 9, 2012

All it took to get us to write a new post was World War Z!

Let's start with a disclaimer. I don't like zombie movies. Yeah, fine, Romero's classic Night of the Living Dead is the exception, mostly because I saw it at this amazing little dump theater just a block from the Seaside Heights, NJ boardwalk when I was like 14. It was a midnight show when midnight shows were a NEW marketing gimmick and the screening was complete with people yelling at the actors and doll parts being thrown around the audience.

Well the Seaside Heights boardwalk is a mess since Hurricane Sandy smashed into it two weeks ago and, for me, Zombie movies have become as tiresome as... wait for it... vampires. God, I hate vampire movies. Teen novels have ruined so much of the classic stuff of horror.

Perhaps until now.

Someone's finally come up with a massive and dazzling spectacle of a zombie movie and plopped Brad Pitt right in the middle of it. The trailer debuted two days ago and it was enough to make us reach for the touch pad and breath a little afterlife into Moviedozer Dailies.

So here ya go, the first trailer from Paramount Pictures' June 2013 release: World War Z.

 Thanks to all of you who have stuck with us through our "quiet" years. Our efforts at SparxLab Projects have resulted in a resurgence of our Satire is Reason blog being refreshed and reenergized, so please click through and check that out. If you leave some comments and we see some page hits, we'll take a long look at kicking things up back here as well.

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