Friday, July 2, 2010

Is BP oozing into the movie biz?

We may have picked up a scoop yesterday as we were wandering through the offices of our sister blog Satire is Reason. Seems that in another effort to create better mojo with the masses, BP oil has hit on a scheme to introduce a retooled classic movie monster!

In an apparent partnership with Universal Studios, BP has suggested a reboot of the Creature character from Creature from the Black Lagoon fame. Although a great deal of secrecy reportedly surrounds the project, BP is said to be ''quietly" exploring the idea as a benefit to both the company's bottom line and as a way to re-infuse tourism dollars into the oil clogged beaches of the Gulf region.

BP has floated the new monster flick as Creature from the Black Gulf, using their own technological incompetence and stymied response to its oil rig explosion to "inspire" the main focal point of the script. The film being proposed is set-up as an origin styled action thriller with BP reportedly going as far as to present character costume concepts as part of their pitch.

With Universal as the owner of the Creature monster franchise, BP appears to be making legal moves to lockdown all film and story rights to their real life man-made disaster. Recent talks even suggest a potential theme park ride may be part of any future deal.

BP's Tony Heyward, who some say was relieved of day to day clean-up oversight in order to pursue the Universal partnership, was quoted as telling a Hollywood insider, "If it gets a go, a greenlight, ya know, then I think we'll be ready with a sequel. We know we can bring millions of dollars into the region with both the shooting of the film and as a tourism destination to see the actual sets and oily beaches featured in the movie".

Unidentified sources say a BP email addressed to the heads of Universal and apparently being readied for press release indicates a sequel may be titled Creatures from the Black Atlantic. We'll keep you posted.

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