Monday, July 26, 2010

Captain Jack's recruiting for a new adventure!

Movie news was breaking over the weekend from San Diego's 2010 Comic Con and some of it was made by one of our favorite movie rogues, Captain Jack Sparrow.
Meeting Capt. Jack was a rare pleasure back in 2003 (when he first set his silver screen sails on the Black Pearl), but it was his last voyage At World's End that we felt our pockets pilfered for booty, then kicked off the gang plank.

So be it and let bygones be bygones, but a new invitation's been proffered and though we may join the crew, if there be a hand in our wallets and no laughter in our hearts, we'll be seekin' a serious parley.

Are ya up to another voyage me maties? If so, the Captain would like a word with ya...

You can check out some of the other buzz building for next summer from Comic Con by clicking the link and jumping over to Good sailing!

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