Friday, December 18, 2009

Avatar Happens Today.

Over at, we recently posted our trailer review for James Cameron's Avatar. For the first time in some 200 trailer reviews, we were at a loss for what to say, or that is, for what hasn't already been said. So rather than just nod our keyboard in agreement, we decided we should simply declare a statement of fact - Avatar will change cinema today - For All Time.

Here's the copy from our published trailer review:

The trailer to end all trailers, the effects movie to end all effects movies, the beginning of a new era in cinema, the third, fourth, or whatever time it is, for James Cameron to come down to Earth and walk on celluloid. It’s all been said. It’s all been poured over by press and fan geek-dom, ad infinitum. So we shall add our voice, not to reviewing the trailer or the film, but to the discussions that will ensue on Monday, December 21st, 3 days post Avatar - It was. It will.

It’s all true. James Cameron will have surpassed Spielberg and Lucas, Emmerich and Jackson; throw whatever names you have, none of them will stick. Cameron will have changed forever what you will expect to see in the movies as of Monday December 21. The end of this decade heralds a new dawn.

You will see Avatar, if not now, soon. If not soon, inevitably one day. And you will, like it or not, be affected by this film. You will remember the end of the first decade of the millennium as being the moment when live action 3D filming became as essential a tool to telling a story on film as motorized projectors, sound and color prints. Chortling about 3D glasses? Forget 3D glasses, we all will in just a few years. 3D will evolve beyond them.

This is the moment when technology takes a giant leap in the way we see movies. At movie theaters and at home. Embrace it. Mr. Cameron is about to show you the very bright and inescapable light. For this time at least, you’ll be glad you’ve got those glasses. You will never forget what is about to happen. Go see it, you know you want to.

Avatar will indeed impact you as a movie fan. It will change what movies studios make, what theaters you see them in, how much you'll pay for tickets and how and when you'll bring them home. And so very much more. If you think any of this is overstated, I urge you to jot down the date. At the end of the next decade you will remember the movie Avatar and what it meant to the movie industry and to movie fans all over the world. As for what it means this weekend - all that really matters is, if you're going, have a great time. From this day forward, everything that happens at the movies is post Avatar.

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