Friday, December 25, 2009

The 12 Trailers of Christmas: White Christmas

My Dad can recite lines from 3 movies and they all star Bing Crosby, Going My Way, The Bells of St. Mary's and White Christmas.
It's not too much of a coincidence that they're all Christmas movies; Christmas movies are the only movies my Dad watches more than once. It may be a bit unlikely that his son should wind up with such a love for movies, but for me, watching my Dad watch Bing in any of those movies reminds me exactly why I love movies both old and new.

The trailer we saved at Moviedozer Dailies for the #1 spot in our countdown of The 12 Trailers of Christmas is White Christmas because of my Dad.

When I see Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye on that makeshift stage, on the front during WWII, watching their technicolor song and dance number is fun but the anticipation is for the General's arrival in his jeep. It's then that the outgoing General Waverly instructs his driver to take the new General out to headquarters by a short cut that doesn't exist. As the jeep drives off and his adjutant points out the error, I can hear my Dad deliver the line a few seconds ahead of the television - "Joe, you know it and I know it, but the General doesn't, at least he won't for about an hour and a half". The Captain responds, "That sergeant will be a private in the morning." The General, "Yes, isn't he lucky?" It never fails to make my Dad laugh.

Dad loves when Bing and Danny help the singing Haines sisters out of a jam at Novello's. He cracks up as Danny constantly grabs an old arm injury to win some sympathy. He wishes, just once the receptionist at the Pine Tree Inn wouldn't eavesdrop on the phone call to New York and he always beats the General to his line when he discovers his suits (just two) are at the cleaners and he'll have to go down to dinner in uniform. "Well you think you would have sent just one at a time in that case." I love White Christmas because I love hearing my Dad laugh. Even when he's not there watching with me, I can hear him laughing next to me. There's no better reason to watch a movie.

I hope you've enjoyed watching these trailers on each day of our countdown, along with us and all of our readers. As the writer and founder of, I wish you a deeply peaceful and joyous holiday. I hope the day finds you with family and friends and that you can extend the wishes of the season throughout the coming new year.

Peace and Merry Christmas,

Jeff Rabouin
President, SparxLab Projects

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