Thursday, December 24, 2009

The 12 Trailers of Christmas: Joyeaux Noel

The story takes place on a battlefield in France. The date is December 24th, 1914, Christmas Eve. We are on the front-line, between troops from France, Scotland and Germany. It is the dramatization of a true story.
For a remarkable moment, the commonality of man touched the hearts and minds of World War I soldiers, on multiple battlefields of the Western European front, and a peculiar kind of history wrote itself into legend.

Joyeaux Noel tells the story of one such battlefield and the officers and soldiers of the armies ordered there, to fight a bloody and savage battle across a no-man's land of scarred and frozen ground between enemy trenches.

As the story goes, with Christmas Eve upon them, officers of the opposing forces met on the battlefield and agreed amongst themselves to a temporary and unauthorized truce. Laying their rifles aside, this tentative meeting of combatants would, through the night and into Christmas Day, reveal shared brotherhood and spontaneous camaraderie.

As we face this Christmas Eve in a world still wracked by war, terrorism and oppression, this story of an evening exactly 95 years ago, can perhaps still inform our actions and beliefs today. It stands as historical record of our deep and undeniable humanity, held in common and innate in our most basic aspirations.

We hope you will enjoy this trailer, #2 in our series of The 12 Trailers of Christmas. Joyeaux Noel is available for download and on DVD and is well worth seeking out as a part of your own holiday movie collection.

We wish all in the world today and tonight, who stand in harm's way, a calm and peaceful Christmas, and that those of you who shoulder the guns of war find your way safely back to home and family.

And to our leaders, and all leaders, who send men and women into battle, may you find the wisdom and courage sought so very long, that one day ends conflict and reveals a lasting peace. Happy Christmas Eve.

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