Monday, December 21, 2009

The 12 Trailers of Christmas: Christmas Vacation

Of all of our favorite holiday movies, the next trailer on our list gets the prize for the most quotable, best closing credits song and the one that reminds us most of people we actually know.
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation was the third of four Vacation movies that Chevy Chase (as Clark Griswold) made with the always understanding Beverly D'Angelo (Ellen Griswold) and ever changing actors in the roles of son and daughter (Audrey and Rusty, this time played by Juliette Lewis and Johnny Galecki ). Along for the holiday were the usual great supporting roles - this time with E.G. Marshall, Doris Roberts, John Randolf, Mae Questel, William Hickey, Nicholas Guest and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Some of the most notable quotes though, can be attributed to scenes with Randy Quaid, who returns here after having missed a trip to Europe on Vacation's second outing. As Cousin Eddie, Quaid works together with Chase with the skill of a long time vaudeville partner, mastering a sense of timing and physical humor that helps make the film a classic to own on DVD. And for a bonus, there's also a terrific performance by Brian Doyle-Murray (who played the clerk at Kamp Komfort in the first film) as Clark's boss Frank Shirley.

Definitely a favorite at Moviedozer, we're happy to present the trailer for Christmas Vacation, #5 in our series The 12 Trailers of Christmas.

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