Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ed McMahon, 1923-2009.

Though Ed McMahon will be remembered as the ever present voice and laughter that added the warmth of camaraderie to Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show, he also appeared in nearly a dozen films. I most remember watching him play George Segal's boss, Charlie Blanchard, in the 1977's Fun with Dick and Jane. A film in many ways far funnier than its remake that followed by some 28 years.

Years ago while working for the Disney Company, I had the good fortune to meet Mr. McMahon while he was filming his pioneering Star Search talent show at the Disney studio complex in Orlando, FL. In particular, I was privileged to spend time with him at a season ending wrap party, where he seemed most delighted to introduce to me to his very special guest of honor, his mom. Ed McMahon was a warm and engaging man who's graciousness I've spoken of often.

On behalf of Moviedozer.com, we wish his family comfort in their loss and we share with his friends and fans our appreciation of a life that was for so many years unreservedly shared with so many millions.

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