Friday, June 26, 2009

Glorious artistry.

The soul urges us to sing and dance. The heart compels us to give and to love. We create because it allows a doorway to release the emotions within us that refuse to be restrained.

We admire artistry because these traits inside of us are universal among us, regardless of our own talents or our own insufficiencies. In feeling a need to create, we are one. We find kinship to those who achieve so high a pinnacle of creative expression as a glorious release of our own need to feel creative.

It has been a day of reflection. A day that will lead to many more days. Days that will stretch out over the remaining years of our lives, now sad, but sure to resound as joyous with time.

The list of these people who have so incredibly graced a world, regretfully given too often to the mundane and the grotesque, is far reaching through near and long past history. It is a list though, when considered against time, that is startlingly brief. There seem so few who attain a meeting of soul and consciousness, who discover the means and will to find a path to public expression. How many more die with that spark still struggling within them?

We are a better people for each who pour out their gift. We can only try to thank them and to recognize them before they pass from our presence. We may have failed in that effort to some degree with Michael Jackson, but in the best times, when each new song, each new dance step and each revelation of artistry passed between instinct to performance, we were gifted too, to witness the glorious release of pure artistry.

I hope for all of you, that gift is indelible and you're personal connection to it, never ending.

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