Friday, May 22, 2009

Betting on a Blockbuster Summer weekend.

Let's see, sci-fi apocalypse or space rockets blasting off inside the Smithsonian? The first face-off of the summer comes today with two big pictures squaring off for bragging rights. We know how you love when we commit, so we'll make this bet - Angels and Demons will get bumped out of the top three. Come back on Monday and leave a smart-ass comment if we're wrong but here's our run-down. (We'll say it up front. The numbers this time are going to be surprisingly close.)

At number 1 - Ben Stiller and Amy Adams with Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. We think critics are underestimating audience interest and for families, this is the big ticket until next week's release of Pixar's Up.

Number 2 - Terminator Salvation. Come Monday everyone's going to be talking about the realistic effects (because many are real, as opposed to green screens and miniatures) and the performance of Sam Worthington, not Christian Bale.

Number 3 - Star Trek. Holding on with very respectable numbers and establishing itself as THE big movie of the summer.

We'll bet on Angels and Demons holding at fourth. We're also covering bets that newcomers Dance Flick and The Skeptic don't make a noticeable ripple. That's it, get your chips down and don't touch your wager 'til the ticket wheels stop spinning on Monday morning. (Though the Holiday will follow suit and add up to one of the best Memorial Day weekends on record for the movie business. Yes, you can hold us to that bet too.)

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