Thursday, December 4, 2008

Would you pay to see this movie?

We watch movie trailers every day and for the most part it's an easy call. "Yeah, we'll go see that." or "Who the hell would waste money on this piece of crap?" You get the idea. Usually things are pretty clean cut. To say we're opinionated about movies at is an exercise in stating the obvious.
But every now and then we run across a new release trailer that stumps us. Should we / shouldn't we? Not just peel out the bucks to see it, but should we bother to review it? Should we recommend it? Should we even mention it, thereby use our website to involuntarily promote it? Well, in that grand business tradition - when we can't decide and don't want to take the responsibility - we're passing the buck to YOU. 

It's simple. If you haven't just come from there, CLICK over to the Moviedozer website (use any of the links in this sentence) and check out the trailer. It will always be found toward the bottom of the Pulling Focus page just under the current Poster Gallery. Then simply click on the link next to the trailer to get back here.

Now it's time for you to decide. Would you pay to see this movie? Go ahead and click on the comment button below and have at it. We'll keep track and make recommendations based on the responses, and if we blow it - we'll blame you! How cool is that? Well, it is for us anyway. But if you follow the advice of your fellow opinionated trailer viewers you just might save ten bucks. (You have to promise to go out and spend the ten bucks somewhere else though - let's not forget that whole economic stimulus thing.)

So the first flick up is Anchor Bay Films' new release While She Was Out, starring Kim Basinger, Lukas Haas, Craig Sheffer and Jamie Star. Directed by Susan Montford, While She Was Out is being released on December 12th. Would you pay to see this movie?

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  1. yes, I would definitely pay to see tis movie, if only for Lukas Haas performance as the bad guy. I really enjoyed his performance in this one, yes definitely worth seeing.


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