Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today's word is "whatever" as in whatever it takes.

It only makes sense that since politicians tend to be such great storytellers - go spend twenty minutes fact checking a John McCain speech for a little proof - that storytellers, the professional kind, love politicians. Directors in particular seem to like making their political point by drawing broad examples on the silver screen. The New York Times' A.O. Scott just did a Critic's Pick featuring Frank Capra's classic State of the Union from 1948 to punctuate the fact that politicians from even as far back as McCain's twelfth birthday (McCain was born in 1936) were still being pressed to say and do anything to get elected. (Wonder if this might have been where McCain first got the idea?) The point is well made so we've included the NYT piece below:

Not one to let politics so ripe for satire and criticism slip by, director Oliver Stone is about to unleash his latest soapbox stand to theaters this fall. Stone's new project is simply titled W. Taking on a president who has a tough time with words, perhaps a title with just one letter is exactly right. Though the advance poster above puts it nicely with just a picture, the poster pictured below puts it into words - the President's own words. So as we prepare for the nation's political conventions, here's a thought... should we really be considering electing a President willing to say anything right after we've had a President who can barely say anything?

Whatever side you fall on, rock the vote and go make your own political statement this November. You can check out the trailer for W. by clicking here. And you can check out a much larger picture of the poster below by clicking here.

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