Friday, March 14, 2008

Iron Man set to soar over '08 box-office.

Our guess at Moviedozer is that the ubiquitous movie trailer, as an advertising element, has the highest impact in convincing moviegoers to peel a ten out of their wallets and see this weekend's big new release. Television ads are for the most part an extension (or more accurately an edit) of the clips of art and sometimes artless clips we see in movie theaters, our very presence likely due to the barrage of trailers we saw on our last visit. As the editor and writer for Moviedozer, I have to admit to a genuine fondness for that moment when the big screen commercials stop, the lights fade to dark and that big green bar comes across announcing that the following trailer is acceptable for all audiences. The thought always settles over me that I love trailers. And with that said, I wanted to share my new favorite.
In the current climate of political full disclosure, I'll quickly point out that neither Moviedozer nor Moviedozer Dailies receives compensation or consideration for the content of it's columns and posts (oh, that we did!), so our purpose here is just to swing a spotlight onto what we think is a job well done and a summer movie that is going to be one of the big stories for the 2008 box-office. We've had our eye on this particular project from many months out, and were suitably intrigued after watching it's original teaser. Superbowl Sunday came along and as the first Blockbuster film advertised, Paramount Studios showcased a specially cut preview trailer designed just for the day. That ad spurred us to include the trailer in a column on these very pages. The movie we're talking about is Iron Man and here's what we said back in February: 

"Marvel meets Robert Downey Jr. I love the whole idea of this. Paramount even had the class to cut together a special TV trailer just for the Superbowl. Could this be a studio actually confident and excited about what they have in store for us? The trailer barage of special effects, great art direction and perfect-take, understated lines ("Yeah, I can fly"), just looks like what every big budget super hero flick should look like (and what none of them looked like last year), pure, wall-to-wall, high concept FUN. Iron Man is scheduled for it's opening weekend on May 2. Mark it in your calendar. For movie fans, this will be the start of summer."

After seeing the newest trailer for Iron Man this past week, we feel even more certain that it will be the first film of the season to race toward that gold standard of 300 million dollars at the US box-office. Why's this any more than just a good trailer? It really goes back to what we said earlier, this film looks like a blast. It's what last year's Transformers might have looked like if the source material hadn't been so dated and if the target audience hadn't been so young. Marvel, on the other hand, seems to offer the magic of pulling in an older male audience that remembers their comic books with only slightly less reverence than their muscle cars. It's also where Super Hero movies have begun to differ. For a lesson in three parts, take a look at the Spiderman trio of releases between 2002 and 2007, the much darker and brooding Spiderman 3 leaving audiences with much less enthusiasm than the two earlier installments. Where the original Batman movies went from garish and silly to, well garish and even sillier, 2005's Batman Begins created a compelling new sense of story and setting that created a great base to rebuild. The danger that confronts this year's The Dark Knight is it's very darkness. We think it will fare well, but our bet's still riding on Robert Downey's smirk to deliver charm and excitement right through all the metal.

With all of that said here's a peak at the new Iron Man trailer through the viral magic of YouTube:

This is so what a summer movie should look like. If you're curious to get the full effect you can click here and check out the official movie site. If you've got the processing speed, it's well worth the time to go the HD route and see the trailer in as much glory as your computer rig can dish out. There's an HD version available on Apple's Quicktime site by clicking here. You can even check out our Moviedozer review of the trailer (as well as some of the other upcoming summer titles) by going to Moviedozer's Trailer page. You got all that? Have fun.

Next up for us at Moviedozer? 3D is getting a lot of press and now it's about to get a lot of investment. Told you so. We'll tell you more, next at Moviedozer Dailies.

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