Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hollywood Hype goes to the Primaries.

A Reader's Note: The YouTube video of the Jack Nicholson endorsement for Hilary Clinton has been refreshed (as of March 16, '08) to a new working copy. Enjoy.

Enough! Now that Hollywood has entered the fray of the 2008 political primaries as only Hollywood could, I can't resist getting political. On all of the Sunday news shows, talk today found focus on some nifty editing of movie trailers apparently at the direction of super chic movie star Jack Nicholson. With Democratic bastion and all-around civic cause minded Rob Reiner at his side, Jack decided his endorsement for Hilary Clinton, as she approaches the well-deserved end to her primary campaign, could be best said in the words of his on-screen personas. (Sorry to say for Jack, the commercial also serves as a reminder that his best screen roles are all well behind him.)

Here's the spot:

So just to get this straight, here are the characters that Jack chose to endorse Mrs. Clinton:
1. A maniacal super-villain hell bent on drugging a city and murdering it's law enforcement.
2. A hallucinating hotel caretaker trapped in a remote lodge who is swiftly losing his mind and attempting to ax-murder his wife.
3. An alcoholic, burnt out private eye.
4. A megalomaniac sexist military officer who condones the torture and death of a soldier under his command.
5. A rebellious, anti-authority smart-ass.

Interesting choices Jack. Some endorsement Hilary.

Of late, Jack has become more famous for his award show appearances and his Lakers tickets than for his starring roles at the movies. Perhaps his next endorsement will feature clips of the Lakers three championship seasons? Hooray for Hollywood and their self-serving, ego-driven political endorsements.

In the words of one of Mr. Nicholson's characters...
"Truth, You can't handle the truth."

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  1. Well said. Jack Nicholson's statements have become the stuff of drivel. His gin-drenched ego sits pregnant like some gangrenous chancre on the face of mankind, waiting to be lopped off by the true aestheticians of the world; the conscious, reasononing minority. Damn you, Ohio.


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