Friday, December 7, 2007

What's Jesus seeing at the movies this weekend?

Whatever he might choose, and I'm guessing he may be heading out to catch Juno or trying to find a theater showing the limited release of Grace is Gone (I think Jesus may be a John Cusack fan), it must be nice for him to know that the U.S. Conference of Bishops has approved his screening The Golden Compass when only days ago "the Catholic League" said it would be a no-no. 

Actually, in referring to the movie based on Phillip Pullman's book, the Catholic League reportedly said "The idea is to sell the horrors of Catholicism and the virtues of atheism to youth". That quote is attributed to the president of the Catholic League, William Donahue, and if he's going to put it that way, well maybe he's got something. You can make a pretty decent case for "the horrors of Catholicism" when a lay group that names itself a "league",  advocates censorship over and beyond a parent's own instincts for what their children should be exposed to. Taking that one more step, when a group of Bishops (that would be men very serious about advocating the views of their religion) give the film a green light, who are a bunch of zealots (sorry, I call 'em like I see 'em) to invoke a boycott? But that's kind of why censorship gets a bad rap in the first place, isn't it?

And just so we aren't seen as letting those Bishops off the hook, we should point out that in the same pronouncement that The Golden Compass cleaned up it's act in transition from book to screen, it reminded us that this film " not the blatant real-world anti-Catholicism of, say, the recent Elizabeth: The Golden Age or The Da Vinci Code." I've seen both of those films and I'm happy to report that to date, Satan hasn't visited my bedroom , although, in the case of The Da Vinci Code, I did feel a trip to hell may have been more entertaining.

Here's my suggestion. Pat the Bishops on their pointy little hats and thank them for sharing and send the Catholic League all ten seasons of South Park. That should give them plenty to write about for awhile and it may even speed along their journey to St. Peters gate, where I'm betting that Jesus isn't going to ask any of them to pick this weekend's movie. 

Sorry if you found any of this blasphemous. Lighten up. Like politics, no one should be filtering simple entertainment through a stained glass window. To each his own.

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  1. :) I totally agree with you on the Da Vinci Code thing! Your blog is great, and your post titles are brilliant! All the best to you, and a very happy new year!!


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