Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Chipmunks!

First, there's the matter of setting a new record to acknowledge. It's Monday morning and for Will Smith, there won't be any Monday morning blues. Anyone paying the least amount of attention has already heard that Mr. Smith has once again established himself as box-office dynamite and in critics circles, Will's nailed the one-two punch of marking a 76.5 million dollar December opening while being compared to Tom Hanks for handling an entire film essentially alone on screen.

Quite the accomplishment, so for a second, put away any criticisms you may have and nod your cap to some impressive numbers. Congrats to all involved in I Am Legend, particularly to it's original author Richard Matheson who has seen two other versions of his film become nothing more than cult classics. Third time's the charm. For a little more on our early impressions of I Am Legend, take a look at our post from November 26, just click here.

As impressive as pulling in a December record with I Am Legend is for Warner Bros., the other studio celebrating this Monday morning has to be 20th Century Fox. With optimistic expectations running in the mid 20's for box-office, Alvin and the Chipmunks raked up 45 mil. When I read that number for the first time last night, I was stunned. Maybe that's showing my age. I remember the Chipmunks cartoons on TV, I remember when hearing the Chipmunk song on the radio during Christmas didn't mean listening to an Oldies station and I still have a copy of The Chipmunks Sing The Beatles stashed deep in my closet, on vinyl, in mono. I remember seeing the advance poster for the new movie in the summer and cringing. I remember seeing the first trailer and adding it to a Pulling Focus feature at on bad films. I slammed the trailer and stamped a "Doze It" logo across the trailer review.

While it looks like 20th Century will never hire me as a new product development consultant, I'll admit I had no idea this thing would work. I'm still taken aback that it succeeded, but the 45 mil figure has those little tiny birds flying around my head. Who knew? So what good, if any, will this bring? You decide...

1. There's going to be a sequel. You can bet your ass, there's going to be a sequel.
2. There's going to be a mad rush for the soundtrack.
3. Someone out there's pitching a Chipmunks "duet" album right this minute.
4. The Bagdasarian's are throwing the best New Year's Eve party in Hollywood this year.
5. Alvin, Theodore and Simon are already in discussion to raise their rates.
6. There's an ice show waiting to happen.
7. Can you say "theme park negotiations"?
8. Somewhere someone is sewing people size Chipmunk costumes.
9. Merchandise. Merchandise. Merchandise.
10. (And this is just an idea...) Maybe next year, the three little guys can wake up in the rubble of a decimated city to discover they're the last Chipmunks on Earth... and then we can find out that Will Smith's character is somehow still there and then they can find each other, join forces to find a cure and save all of the other woodland animals trapped in the city, and then...hmmm,  anyone know if 2oth Century accepts spec scripts?

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