Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays - now let's skip to July.

I was looking for a way to say Merry Christmas and sign off 'til Wednesday and then spotted this trailer on the net this morning. So what better way to ring in the Holiday than check out what promises to be a summer blockbuster for 2008.

Will Smith is sure to be very happy this holiday season, still riding high on the success of I Am Legend, which just crossed the 100 million mark before starting it's second weekend in release. As impressive as that is, Will tends to really shine in the Summer. It was Independence Day that started the trend which would have Smith starring in 5 July releases (6 if you're willing to stretch that out to June 30 for Wild Wild West). Along with 1996's ID4, were Men In Black I and II ('97 & '02), Bad Boys II in '03 and I Robot in '04. Will will be adding another on July 2 '08 with the release of Hancock.

This is the first trailer I have seen, in lots of months of looking at trailers, that made me laugh out loud. I don't want to spoil a thing, so here's a trailer clip from YouTube. If you want to look at a larger screen version, you can check out Sony Entertainment's movie site here.

Love the kid that calls Smith a jackass, love the sign getting destroyed over the highway and fell apart on the whale. Nice. Hope you got a laugh too, nice to know we can wrap up the year looking forward to at least one original summer movie in the new year. By the way, if you watch close during the train wreck intercuts, that flash of blond in sunglasses would be Charlize Theron. 

All the best for a safe and happy Christmas. See you Wednesday.

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