Thursday, December 13, 2007

And it begins... "Atonement" Leads Golden Globes.

If you think there's lots of drama in Hollywood these days, what with celebrity arrests and writer's strikes, as it turns out, lots of drama is a good thing. At least for the onset of awards season, heralded by the announcement of the Golden Globes that came earlier this week. For the first time in the award ceremony's history, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has named 7 films as candidates for Best Film Drama rather than the usual 5. Seems the fifth position came in as a three way tie, and as such the competition grew. Along with Atonement, Eastern Promises, the heavily praised No Country for Old Men, the heavily anticipated There Will Be Blood, Michael Clayton and both of Denzel's 2007 films, American Gangster and the upcoming The Great Debaters all got nods for the best drama.

If you're doing the nomination nod count, Atonement lead the way with 7 nominations expectedly including the major categories. Tom Hanks' most promising outing in memory, Charlie Wilson's War, followed with 5, while Michael Clayton, No Country for Old Men, and in what has to be promising news for Tim Burton, Sweeny Todd all scooped up 4 nominations. If this kind of stuff really floats your boat, go on over to the Golden Globes official site where you can dive head first into the hoopla. But remember to pace yourself, this is just the beginning after all and it's a long way to the Oscars.

The 2008 Golden Globes ceremony will be presented on January 13 and televised by NBC. 

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