Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Two trailers you may be thankful for.

In the spirit of the season, here's a little about the movie business that I'm thankful for...

...That regardless of the Oscar, so far Marty Scorsese hasn't been throwing around any talk about a Departed sequel.

...That I live in a free country (for the most part), and no one can force me to see Bee Movie.

...That there's so much television on DVD and the internet that I no longer need to watch... television. Mmmm, odd.

...That DVD's give all of us a chance to see pristine copies of the films that no longer gain wide enough release to get to our local theaters.

...For the good folks over at YouTube for allowing people like me to embed videos, so people like you get to watch trailers from upcoming movies like these:

Here's two that are showcasing in coming attractions but aren't widely distributed on the net just yet. To me, they both look like "flicks we'd like to see". (There's also some great music in their soundtracks.) Enjoy watching, enjoy eating, enjoy being near your families and friends and enjoy the warmth and the promise of a season that gives us all a chance to reflect and give to those around us.

The first is for Charlie Wilson's War. Hanks looks like the Tom Hanks of old (who has been absent for so very long) and Julia Roberts comes back to the screen in what appears to be stunning form. Charlie Wilson's War is scheduled for release next month.

Next is Kevin Spacey's new film 21. Another role that casts an actor into his true strength. He just looks really great here. Hope the promise of the trailer holds true. Unfortunately we won't find out until March 28th of next year.

From the friends and family at, have a safe and very Happy Thanksgiving. See you back at Dailies on the weekend.

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