Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday morning musings.

In what may become a regular at Moviedozer Dailies, Monday's are a great day to take a look at the weekend box-office and throw out some random topics.

So here's where the hype paid off for studios this past weekend:

Beowulf, of course, came in at number one, bringing in just under 30 mil. Not summer numbers, (why wasn't this a summer release?) but respectable just the same. Though I haven't seen the 3D number broken out yet, it should be pointed out that Zemeckis and Sony scored more than twice the per theater gross of the number 2 movie on the list.

And that number 2 was , ughhh!, Bee Movie. I so hoped this thing would die a quick and painful death. Instead they'll be a pretentious Jerry Seinfeld gloating all through Hollywood's media and we'll have to endure an assured sequel. How did a guy who I still laugh at in reruns get to be the king of smug?

American Gangster rounded out the top three, losing the number 2 spot by just a little more than a million bucks. That take put AG over the 100 million mark. This flick's as sure a DVD hit as you can hope to invest in.

Interesting that Saw IV is dying a puzzling (get it?) death in popularity. Coming in at #9, the film has tallied a gross of almost 62 mil, lots of money but these films aren't showing any growth, rather they may be signaling a saturation level that other "torture porn" flicks have already hit. Think there's an audience for Saw V? If you've followed the films, what should (or would have to) happen to grab your attention one more time?

No Country For Old Men was # 7 this weekend. The Coen Brothers movie is being praised in all critic's circles and most call it an American classic that will surely show up on an abundance of top ten lists this year. So why only a 7? Our old friend "limited release". No Country... only played in 148 theaters (compare that to Bee Movie which played in 3,984). Bee movie's per theater average was $1,149 while No Country... came in with a whopping $6,263. That's an impressive number and very efficient profit taking. 

Other points of interest:
  • Fred Claus is happily not in the "hit" list having only taken in 36 mil in it's run so far. Considering the poor showing of Shoot 'Em Up, studios have to be wondering if Paul Giamatti is a leading man.
  • Lions for Lambs seems to be following the pattern of every other Iraq war movie so far. The trend? No ticket sales.
  • The piece of schlock called P2 ('s trailer review was to 'Doze it) crashed and burned with only 3 mil in 2 weekends.
  • Released on Oct. 12, George Clooney as Michael Clayton is still hanging around theaters, unusual now-a-days, and though it's only accumulated about 35 mil in the US, it's still tacking $ onto it's total. If you haven't seen this film, it's worth catching it at the end of it's run, but not to worry, it'll be a good add to most DVD collections.
Aside from the sting of watching Bee Movie flourish, the thing this week that gives me the Monday morning blahs? The third largest earner on the Box-office charts this week has taken in 86.5 mil. That title is Disney's The Game Plan with Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson. How thoroughly depressing.

On the other hand, what's got us in a good mood and looking forward to the work week? Dustin Hoffman's lisp impaired rip-off of Willy Wonka, Mr. Magoriums' Wonder(less) Emporium opened to a # 5, ten million dollar weekend. Now if it disappears next weekend, that would truly be wonderful.

Have a great week. 

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