Friday, November 16, 2007

Katzenberg weighs in on 3D...

And he likes it! Wow, there's a surprise since Dreamworks just signed with IMAX for at least three 3D flicks next summer. The three films are scheduled to be the already approaching over-hyped CGI "Monsters vs. Aliens", "How to Train Your Dragon" (male appendage jokes are your own), and the franchise green money machine himself in "Shrek Goes Fourth" (get it?).  What's interesting and oh so typically Hollywood is Mr. K's prediction that 3D is going to drive up the box-office numbers while movie lovers are running out to theates that can offer so much more than their boringly ordinary 50 inch flat screens. In his words "I think this becomes something that so differentiates what you get in your home versus what you get in a movie theater, it becomes a real driver to keep people excited about the movie going experience." I get the feeling that the theater in Katzenberg's basement probably makes my local cineplex look like the worst "grindhouse" Tarantino ever set foot in. Here's a little clue for Jeffrey and the rich kids over at Dreamworks... you want to drive people to movie theaters with the promises of 3D?... try building more of the damn theaters. At this point in time there are a thousand. Today, everyone of them is lit up with a new release, that would be ONE new release. Want to see 3D anytime in November? You have exactly one choice in what to see, and that would be Zemeckis' CGI toybox production of Beowulf.
Guess this is just another example of putting the hype before the investment, SOP for Hollywood studios. Yes, I think the new 3D technologies are valid and can add to the moviegoer's theatrical experience. Yes, I'm into anything that makes the whole idea of trotting out to the movies more fun. But searching, mostly in vain, for a 3D theater (only some of you are lucky enough to have one nearby) then understanding that as crowds breeze by you to see 2D, you'll likely be suffering a new dimension in waiting lines to get into the one 3D theater, well, let's just see how that goes in Mr. K's rosy future. And just how long will it be until someone starts selling those cool black shades with a 3D HD DVD?
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