Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Do you see in 3D?

Hi, Welcome to "day one" at Moviedozer Dailies. Perusing the movie news this morning brought our attention to an article reporting that IMAX  3D has signed an agreement with Dreamworks to begin releasing movies in 3D in the summer of 2008. Interesting that there is so much hype swirling around the resurgence of 3D when there are still only a handful of films that have been exhibited using the new technology. Zemeckis' Beowulf adds 1000 3D theaters (that's everything in the country) to it's theater count with this Friday's release. That follows a limited run for Nightmare Before Christmas that added to Disney's bank accounts on a property that's been re-released time and time again. 

So here's the question... will you go to a 3D movie this year. Are you looking forward to more 3D next year? Is 3D worth all the hype?

Check out the Intermission page for our full editorial on 3D and a great YouTube video clip on why IMAX was so keen on doing a 3D take on Beowulf.


  1. As it turns out, 3D should scare everyone, if the title on the theater door says Beowulf. In what has to be the worst commercial CGI animation I have ever been witness to, 3D is the only interesting thing on display in Beowulf. Please, save the ticket price and wait for the next movie in 3D to be delivered, there's plenty waiting in the wings. There's a full article on the Hucksters page of and Robert Zemeckis, one of our honored "Hucking Idiots", gets the additional honor of being the first Hollywood Hucksters subject to go back to back at Moviedozer. Once again, way to go Bob.


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